About Dong Son Drum Restaurant

We are proud of the presence of the politicians, the heads of state who have given the significant reception at Dong Son drum restaurant. Our restaurant owns the luxuries spaces without losing the particular Vietnamese culture.



We thank the local and foreign businessmen who have chosen Dong Son Drum Restaurant as a place of assemblies and work discussion. It is also a favorite place where the parties have been held with the well-known local and oversea artists. The diners’ attention and favour have encouraged us to collect more Dong Son antiquity which can not be trade-off. The collection has been shown at Dong Son  drum restaurant and many exhibitions has been held here to honour artists.

With the diversified products and services, the customers have many options suitable to the big or small receptions :

- The luxury VIP room

- Room for receiving businessmen.

- Special area for family.

- Big and small hall for event organizations,

- Bar & Lounge area, outdoor party in the garden,

- The various party menus

- Set menus for  tourists.




Dong Son Drum restaurant hopes people in the world have chances to enjoy standard and luxurious Vietnamese cuisine and we can receive many raises from you.

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